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15-02 Inboard Aileron Brackets

Service Bulletin SB16-03-28

When you get to page 15-02 you have to remember that there is a Service Bulletin (SB), which completely changes the way the inboard aileron bracket is fabricated. This is to prevent possible cracks forming around the bracket.

IMG 3381

I had crossed out the relevant manual steps to ensure I didn’t forget. The wing kit arrives with the parts for the SB.

SB Change – March 2018



The other gotcha was that the latest SB as published on Vans’ web site was updated in March 2018, and changes 3 rivets from 470’s to 426’s. My kit was shipped about this date  and arrived with the old SB instructions and without the 426 rivets. The 426AD4-11’s are very long and I haven’t got any. Vans are sending some to a hotel for me to pick up next week on one of my trips Stateside.

The Parts

IMG 3382

Once you’ve got your head around how all the bits fit, and how they relate to the old instructions in the manual, it’s all pretty straightforward. It involves the usual separating of parts/trimming/final drilling/countersinking, being careful to orientate the angles correctly since the holes are NOT symmetrical.

IMG 3437

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