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15-02 Riveting Aileron Brackets

Outboard Aileron Brackets

Before the outboard aileron brackets can be riveted together, the bearings COM-3-5 have to be inserted into the W-1013A’s. 

IMG 3510

As advised in the manual, I used 7/16″ and 9/16″ sockets to press in the bearing. It needed a few adjustments to get the bearing to sit absolutely central.

Once clecoed together and prior to riveting, I cut a recess hole in a couple of wooden blocks to allow clearance for the bearing, then clamped them in the vice to ensure the bearings sat correctly so as not to splay the bracket.

Gently gripping the brackets in the vice, I used the squeezer for all rivets, setting them randomly to prevent bowing of the bracket. Worked well.

IMG 3511

Inboard Brackets, SB 16-03-28


My wing kit was shipped in March 2018, and did not contain the latest version of Service Bulletin 16-03-28. Actually the only change was changing 3 AN470 to AN426 rivets on each bracket. So I was glad I checked Van’s Web Site for the latest version. Be careful, since it’s not possible to tell the version date until you actually view the PDF download.

Anyway, see below for the brackets as per the SB dated March 7th, 2018.

The March 2018 change stipulates AN426AD4-11 rivets where they pass through both angles … they are a little short to be honest, and I found the squeezer had to be adjusted very carefully to ensure they met minimum tolerances.

So if I did it again I’d order -12’s and shorten them to the correct length.

IMG 3514

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