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15-04 Wing Rear Spars Finished!

Inner Aileron Bracket Attachment – SB 16-03-28

IMG 3518

I worked on the L & R spars at the same time, so once set for a given rivet size & location, the squeezer could be used for both spars.

IMG 3424

I only have a pneumatic squeezer, and I found that a few of the rivets could not be reached without interference from the bracket itself with the squeezer body. So these we bucked, using the set that I had ground down … this allowed clearance from adjacent rivets.

Pictures below show the configuration of the brackets as per the SB.

IMG 3515

IMG 3516

Attaching Spar to the Ribs

IMG 3531

I decided to put the Machine Heads on the rib flanges, ensuring a flush fit for the tabs. I did try one round the other way on the bottom row, since this is visible under the gap seal and might look better … but the flange lifted so badly I drilled the flipping thing out and reverted to plan A!

There are a few rivets at the root which have to be set with the shop heads on the rib flanges, since they are 426’s, flush on the outside. These didn’t lift the tabs too badly actually.

IMG 3532

When riveting the ribs which had the flap brackets attached, I found that the squeezer wouldn’t reach the rivets due to interference with adjacent rivet shop heads. But I found that by extending the reach of the set with three washers, I could get the job done.

Whilst riveting on the rear spar I clamped the wing to the bench, and used clamps to sandwich a rib, one with a flap bracket, to prevent it wobbling left and right.

So apart from a few rivets which required the rivet gun around the inner aileron brackets, all the rest were set using the squeezer : )

Spars now attached, so after the distraction of the LAA rally this weekend, the next job is to prepare the top wing skins!

IMG 3530

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