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16-03/04 Left Wing Top Skins & Nutplates

IMG 3718

I shimmed and clamped the left wing spar to the bench as before to ensure the structure was a true as possible before clecoing on the wing skins, using the laser level and digital level as a reference.

Riveting Stuff!

All went very well. The area with most jeopardy was where the two skins overlap. One of the rows is not supported on a rib, so the skin flexed alarmingly when firing the gun.

Firm grip on the gun and bucking bar very important!!

Root Countersinking & Nutplates

IMG 3723

I used the jig method again to machine the countersink on the root rib, as previously described .

IMG 3724

And then used a screw to clamp the nutplates when riveting.

Just the outboard aileron bracket to attach, then the left wing will be up to the same stage as the right wing. Just a little thing called work in the way for a few days …

IMG 3725

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