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Left Wing Aileron Bracket – Section 16 Finished!

Another section finished … both left and right wings are up to the same stage now.

IMG 3740

Tim reported for rivet duty, so we riveted the left outer aileron bracket the same way as the right wing. As before the rib rivets needed to be set before the rear spar rivets to ensure clearance when setting the latter. The padded cloth protected the precious top skin from any trauma!

IMG 3741

We used a standard 12″ rivet set for the rear spar rivets. On the left wing I had trimmed a small amount from the -6 rivets due to them being too long, since we were concerned about the extra length making a “boot” more likely. But actually they set very well, so this time we used -6 untrimmed, and again they set just fine.

Now on to section 17 and the leading edges.

IMG 3747

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