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17-02/03 Leading Edge Rib Preparation

As usual a few steps in the manual involve hours of work, since there are 14 ribs to be deburred.

IMG 3742

The flanges at the rib noses need to be rounded off to reduce the tendency for faceting on the LE. I filed the flange edges first …

IMG 3744

… and then buffed them smooth with the 3M Scotchbrite Light Deburring Wheel on the grinder.

This “Light” wheel has proved to be extremely useful, and I would not be without it. I use it to smooth off edges which would be impossible on the Medium wheel. It’s a gentle process, so all sorts of nooks and crannies can be deburred safely.

IMG 3745

Here is the result, hopefully will be OK.

Flange Adjustment

IMG 3749

The flanges needed small adjustments to be perpendicular, although they seemed much better than the main wing ribs. I found that using a wooden block to bend the flanges worked well.


IMG 3759

The flanges needed fluting in order to flatten the banana shape. As before I adjusted the flutes until all the holes lined up along a ruler. The holes nearer the rib noses needed extra attention due to the curvature. All straightforward, but took a while to get all 14 done!

Final Drilling and Dimpling

IMG 3763

The flange holes all need final drilling #40, so I used my #40 reamer.

I managed to dimple all the holes using my trusty DRDT2. The effort of mounting it on a sliding base last year has paid dividends over the build so far, as you can see from the picture.

IMG 3771

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