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17-03/04 Leading Edge Skins

Splice Strips

Two Splice Strips have to be cut away from the tank skins. These strips will have nutplates attached and be riveted to the root rib of the LE’s so the tanks can fastened to them. Vans suggest a cutting disc, and I couldn’t think of any other way with less jeopardy to get the job done.

Cutting slowly with a firm grip avoided any excitement.

IMG 0013

The holes are dimpled for a #8 screw, so I did these first.

Then I used a reduced diameter 426-3 female dimple for the rivet holes to avoid distorting the screw dimples.

Skin Deburring

IMG 0016

I gently filed the skin’s rough edges, then finished with a sanding block.

I attached the skins to the spar to check that I there was enough clearance from the top skin edge. Of course with the accuracy of this kit, there was no issue.

Landing Light Hole

IMG 0018

The CNC machine had left the edges of the landing light hole very jagged.

IMG 0019

I used a rounded file to clean this up, followed by sandpaper.

Cleaned up OK.

IMG 0017  1

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