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17-04/05 Lots of Dimples & two holes!

Lots of dimpling to be done, but all easy. I used the reduced diameter female dimple on the J Stiffeners … but I think a normal size one would be just OK actually.

Breaking the Edges

IMG 0052

The manual does not mention anything about “breaking” the relevant edges of the LE skins. I couldn’t see a good reason for this, especially as they had specified it for the wing top skin. So, for better or worse, I decided to put a gentle break along the long edges that meet the main wing skin.

Dimpling the Skins

IMG 0055

I found it easier to hang one surface of the skin over the bench to gain access to the holes with the DRDT2.

Tie Down Holes

The manual does not get you to open up the holes for the tie downs until the ribs are attached and it’s about to be clecoed to the main spar. I decided to step drill these holes now, whilst being able to clamp the skins on the drill press. But I did them undersize first, then checked the alignment with the tie down threads by temporarily clecoing the skins to the main spar.

At last I’m ready to prep all the LE pieces for spraying.

IMG 0060

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