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18-04 First Proseal Fun!


Everyone says the best way to stay out of trouble with Proseal (stickiest stuff known to man!) is to be well prepared … so I masked off the areas on the end ribs which needed sealant. Then I did a dry run to work out how best to set the rivets. I used the C-Frame with a 3/16″ rivet set for the 470AD6 rivets which are used to plug the tooling holes in the end ribs.

The 3/16″ rivets supplied by Vans seemed a bit long, especially as they only needed to be set enough to be retained securely. So I trimmed them shorter.

I decided to use the pneumatic squeezer to set the 470AD4 rivets on the Fuel Flanges & Anti-Rotation Plates.

IMG 0364

I cut off the end of a 50mL Syringe so I could draw a quantity of Proseal from the tin.

I used a scrap sheet of aluminium as a mixing plate, and a putty knife for mixing the black Hardener into the white Proseal.

I had purchased a SEMCO pneumatic sealing gun from eBay, but just used an ordinary syringe for this first attempt.

I cut lots of small squares of cleaning tissue from larger sheets.

IMG 0359

I left the rivets to soak in MEK while I final scuffed and degreased the components. Not sure if this was worth it, but everything else gets degreased so why not?

IMG 0385

Coral has a brilliant digital measuring spoon like this … I managed to “borrow” it : ) This clever spoon sports a strain gauge, and measures to the nearest 0.1g, ideal for the small weights of hardener (10:1 Proseal:Hardener by weight).

IMG 0383

I taped a little plate onto the spoon so the syringes could be easily placed to fine-tune the hardener quantity.

IMG 0390

Nitrile Gloves on standby!!

Mixing the Proseal

IMG 0398

Then the time arrived to face the pot of Proseal (PR1440 B2)

This stuff is gloopy! I discovered that a rigid piece of plastic strip was good for initial stirring …

IMG 0382

… and then the putty knife good for herding it all back into a pile ready to transfer into the syringe.

A scoop with the putty knife, a bit of encouragement from the plastic stirrer, and somehow it found its way into the syringe.


IMG 0387

Actually this wasn’t too bad. Using the syringe to apply the sealant, & having masked everything off, it was fairly easy to keep the mess under control. I did my best to clean off the shop heads as best I could prior to setting them, and as long as the workplace was clamped to the bench securely they all set OK.

I used a little acid brush, with the bristles trimmed, to brush the sealant over the flanges and rivets.

I used about 40g of Proseal to seal the components on the 4 end ribs.

IMG 0394

A box to fling away all the tissue and gloves proved handy! : )

I let the Proseal partially set, and then removed the masking.

So far so good, tank stiffeners next.

IMG 0392 IMG 0393

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