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18-06 Bulkhead Union

I had a little time available between work trips away, so I decided to assemble and Proseal the Bulkhead Unions on the root ribs. The manual suggests you do this after rib installation, probably to ensure easy access to the rivets adjacent to the union. But I’ve got a thin-nosed yoke which will fit.

IMG 0526

I gently nipped up the nuts, having applied Loctite 565 to the thread just as a double protection against leaks … but if the inside joint is sealed correctly fuel should never get up the thread, so probably not required.

IMG 0527

Masking once again kept the angry Proseal under control!

IMG 0529

One comment on 18-06 Bulkhead Union
  1. Chris Cooper

    Lifetime achievement award for the neatest Proseal goes to Captain Steve Hicks!

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