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18-07 Adjusting Fuel Sender Wires

Left Tank

As explained in 18-07 Sender Float Wire I altered the size of the wires very slightly from the manual template to prevent the floats hitting the adjacent rib at half travel.

IMG 0570

The wires needed very little tweaking to achieve the 1/16″ gap top & bottom, with the float missing the rib comfortably.

Note that in the left tank the 1/16″ is governed by the float edge due to tank curvature.

IMG 0571

And with minor adjustment the left tank float misses the vent tube.

Right Tank

In the right tank the float is orientated towards the rear, and so the wire needed minor tweaking to achieve the 1/16″ gap. This time it’s governed by the wire due to the tank skin curvature.

IMG 0572

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