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19-04 Pitot Tube Installation Completed


Now that the Left Wing Outer Lower Skin is riveted in place, it was time to see if the pitot tube bends resulted in the P-Clamp hole lining up with the rib hole … happy dance, it was within a gnat’s whisker!

After quite a long time tightening the P-Clamp (working blind through the adjacent access holes), it was a simple job to locate the blue pitot & green AOA nylon tubes into the push-fits.

I’d postioned the pitot tube bends so as to route the blue pitot nylon tube through the lower rib bushes. My thinking was to minimise low points along the tube at the wing root, reducing the chance of water blockages.

I wrapped self sealing tape around the tubes/wires where they exited the mast to avoid chaffing.


Here’s the Molex connector, keeping the wires well clear of the aileron pushrod.

I haven’t decided yet how to connect the tubes at the wing root, so for the moment I’ve just coiled them up.


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