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21-06 Dimpling

As always, lots of dimples.

I gently scuffed the holes prior to dimpling ready for priming … I find it easier to do at this stage.

But you have to remember it’s probably normally a good plan to scuff just prior to priming, due to oxidation of the aluminium??

The DRDT2 made easy work of the main skin dimples.

IMG 0896

I also managed to get the DRDT2 onto every hole on the nose skins … I used a reduced diameter female dimple set on the curved areas.

Being able to move the DRDT2 out beyond the bench edges to provide access has paid dividends on numerous occasions.

IMG 0897

I used the squeezer with a reduced diameter female dimple set for all the rib holes.

A few tabs on the main ribs flexed just slightly during dimpling due to access issues, but it was a quick job to gently coax them back to the correct position.

Again, a reduced diameter female dimple set for the spar flanges.

Priming the parts next!

IMG 0909

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