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21-06 Priming Flap Parts

Etch Primer

IMG 0914

After scuffing and degreasing I got the acid etch primer sprayed … basically a day’s work!

As luck would have it, we are having unusually warm weather here in the UK … 15ºC and more in February is not normal but very handy for spraying!


IMG 0915

Then the following day I sealed the acid etch primer with the white acrylic.

As you can see there are a surprising number of fiddly parts, hence it was quite time consuming.

The eagle-eyed will notice that I’ve sprayed the TE angle, which Vans advises against. This is because these are bonded to the skins later on as an aid to keeping it straight during riveting. The bond is non-structural, just a means to help with a straight TE.

But I intend to keep the TE’s straight with Aluminium Angle, the same as I did when building the rudder and elevators. I found the tape bonded well enough to the primer, & in combination with the Aluminium Angle, produced a straight TE.

This means I can properly prime the TE.

Anyway, now comes the fun of actually riveting it together : )

IMG 0919

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