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21-07/08 Flap Sub Structure

After all the preparation it was finally time to actually start assembling the flaps. I attached the Doublers & Nutplates to the Inboard Rod assembles first.

I was able to use the squeezer for riveting these pieces.


IMG 0922

Good old JC5 – much easier than that flipping Proseal : )

IMG 0923

Whoever suggested I make my benches with their tops overhanging enough for clamping – thank you! I have used this constantly to anchor pieces for riveting etc.

IMG 0925

I decided to squeeze the 426’s to set the double flush rivets in the Hinge “joggled” flanges.

Because of the raised portions, I was worried about using a rivet gun. It turned out well, once I’d worked out how to anchor everything.

I put some spacers between the hinges so I could clamp the assembly, and as advised fitted the bolt & bronze spacer in the hole to ensure correct alignment.


IMG 0927

Again, the squeezer did the job for most of the rib riveting.

IMG 0928
IMG 0929

There were a couple of ribs which needed the gun, together with a long set. By gently flexing the ribs it was easy to get access.

These were the outboard ribs, and …

IMG 0932

… and one of the ribs next to the inboard hinge.

IMG 0935

Here’s one of the Inboard Rod End showing the nutplate.

Spar assemblies all complete ready to attach the nose skins.

IMG 0936

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