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21-10 Flaps Finished

Nice quick little job to finish off the flaps … riveting the bottom skins to the ribs.

IMG 1317

The holes have to be final drilled #33 to allow the MK-319-BS blind rivets to fit. I used a reamer to open up the holes.

Solid rivets are used on the end ribs … so be careful not to final drill those ones!!

I used the squeezer for these end rib rivets. The one closest to the TE is a MK-319-BS because there is not enough clearance for the squeezer. But the one next to it is very tight as well … I ended up using Cleaveland’s Thin-Nosed Yoke for this fellow.

IMG 1319

I dipped each rivet in JC5A for corrosion protection.

IMG 1306

Quick and enjoyable session setting these blind rivets with my pneumatic pop riveter.

Flaps finished! I’m planning to temporarily attach them to the wings for safe keeping.

IMG 1350

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