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22-05 to 08 Counterbalance & Top Skin

Here’s a counterbalance attached to the ribs.

Since this is stainless steel I did not prime the counterbalance tube, but made sure there was plenty of JC5A for corrosion protection where it touches the aluminium.

IMG 1214

I wedged a screwdriver bit into the end of the screws, & prevented the screw turning with a spanner.

Then it was an easy job to torque the nuts.

Although not specified in the manual, I inserted a washer between the nuts and rib tabs.

IMG 1218

I used the support brackets made for the flap construction to support the aileron nose skin/rib assembly.

They were a close enough fit, and useful for helping to squeeze the nose skin together around the rib profile.

IMG 1220

With a bit of thought it was possible to set all the nose skin/rib rivets with the squeezer.

The manual advises to use MK-319-BS pop rivets for the two forward rivets in the two leading holes in each nose rib top tabs. They say damage may occur if solid rivets are used.

I don’t really understand why this is the case, since solid rivets are used in equivalent positions on the flaps. But normally it’s a top tip to follow Van’s advice, so I did!

IMG 1221

Once the ribs are all riveted in place, the spar is dropped in to position and pop riveted onto the rear rib tabs.

IMG 1222

As advised in the manual I clamped a straight edge on the aft edge of the top skin to keep it stable during riveting.

As was the case when riveting the flap skins, we found a 426AD3-4 was a better length rivet than the specified -3.5’s for the skin/spar rivets.

IMG 1227

The outboard rib tabs are attached with 470’s, and I needed a long rivet set to gain access for this job…

IMG 1226

… and a thin bucking bar to fit between the hinge brackets.

Here’s the left aileron with the top skin & ribs riveted.

Next job is to assemble the R Aileron up to the same stage.

IMG 1228

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