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22 Aileron Deburring, Stiffeners & Machining

I’m waiting for Tim, my riveting helper : ), to have some spare time to help out with the flaps. So in the interim, to keep things moving on, I deburred all the Aileron components.

I deburred the edge of the skins with a sanding block after a light file to remove the saw teeth.


IMG 0999

Lots of holes in the brackets need countersinking.

One of them is a large countersink to fit the head of a AN509-10 countersunk screw.

This is a deep countersink, so it’s important to have the doubler (or something else) attached underneath to provide support for the cutter’s pilot or it might wander!

Ask me how I know !! : (


The stiffeners are cut from stock by marking out between the usual marker notches.

But what is unusual is that each one is trimmed slightly shorter than the notches (based on a length from the aft hole). This could be easily missed and make more work later when you spot that they are too long!

I trimmed them to shape using my bandsaw …

IMG 0991

… and then used the sander to fine tune the lengths.

Then the usual deburring.

There are LOTS of stiffeners … took me about 3 hours work to fabricate all 24.

But all components are now ready for first assembly, match drilling etc. Much more fun!

IMG 0993

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