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24 – Wing Tips Part 1

Initial Fit


I used a Dremel cutting disk to trim the wing tip flanges.


Vans have changed the method to align the wing tip trailing edges … rather than using a template, having fixed the flap in its reflex position, and aligned the aileron TE with the flap TE, you simply align the tip TE with the aileron TE.


I clamped the flap and aileron together.


I used temporary packing pieces to help shape the wing tips for the initial fit.


Once the wing tip trailing edge is strapped to the wing leading edge as per the manual advice, the tip flanges push snugly against the wing skin edges.

I have read that other builders have had issues with the tip TE’s aligning with the ailerons, but thank goodness mine seemed to align very nicely.

I used straight pieces of wood to clamp the wing tip TE to the aileron, ensuring nothing moved as I match drilled.


Match drilling starts at the leading edge, working aft and alternating top/bottom.


Lots of holes to match drill!

Trailing Edge


One of the last jobs fitting the tips will be to trim the trailing edges to match the ailerons.

As you can see, there will be a sizeable width to remove, so …


… I decided to add a flox mix inside the tips at the trailing edge to improve/maintain the joint strength after trimming.



After final drilling the holes to #27 …,


… I used a bolt/nut to clamp a nutplate in position for match drilling the nutplate attachment holes.


I machine countersunk the #40 holes by hand.


And then clamped a jig with a #27 hole to anchor the #6 countersink bit pilot.


Because of the flange step, I used a spacer to keep the countersink tool perpendicular to the flange surface.

There are a lot holes, so it took a while!

But once done, it was a quick job to rivet on the nutplates.

I tried to be as careful as possible when match drilling for nutplate attachment to ensure no holes migrated during the process … this would obviously effect the tip alignment if it did happen.

I screwed on the tips when complete and with bated breath peeped at the TE’s to check alignment … happily all was well : )


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