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47 – Cowl Baffle Part 4 – Baffle Seals


The baffle rubber seals are pre-stamped in a rubber sheet, and are easily removed with a sharp knife.

The seals have the part numbers marked as per the manual 47-23, but note ….

On my seals, the CB-00032B was marked as a CB-00032G and vice versa!

Clecoing them in position soon shows how they should be orientated.


My pneumatic pop riveter made quick work of the riveting … still one of my favourite tools : )

The manual says …

“Place a WASHER-00009 between the shop head of each rivet and the baffle seal.”

But then shows …


… the washers behind the manufactured head.

The washer next to the rubber seal is obviously the key point, and I decided to orientate the pop rivet heads inside as in this manual picture.


For some reason Vans positioned one of the holes on the CB-00032G seal very close to the engine attachment, so the relevant washer needed filing to clear the engine.


Only one of the rivets needed a “wedge” to set, due to a gun access issue.

After attaching all the seals I re-installed the cowling, with fingers crossed that all would still fit properly.

Another Happy Dance … the upper cowling fitted beautifully, with the seals all bending inwards without any encouragement.

Actually I found it easier to position the upper cowl, since the seals keep it “hovering” above the correct place before gently pushing down to locate.

Vans have done an excellent job with the baffle fabrication, saving an enormous amount of work.

See Part 5 …


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