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From early advice gleaned from various sources it became quickly obvious that you can never have enough work surface and storage, so I knuckled down and built 3 workbenches.

These are based on the EAA Chapter 1000 Standardized Work Table Plans with dimensions changed as required. Further advice suggested to make the height of the work surface high enough so that whilst standing a slight bend in the back & discomfort can be avoided. I decided on 92cm. I made them from 94mm x 44mm PSE Pine, with 18mm thick plywood for the top, and 12mm plywood for the shelf.

My workshop floor is not perfectly level in all places, so I wanted to be able to adjust the height of individual feet to level the bench. I’d like to say I thought of this method, but of course I didn’t … see Dan’s Shop for more detailed information about how to do this. I have to say that ordering 4 ice-hockey pucks online was a novelty for me!



Router was useful.

Hockey Puck fitted to end of a coach bolt.

It turned out pretty well, and has allowed me to match bench height and level much easier. Also the hockey pucks are just the right material, providing a solid grip on the painted floor, making the benches really solid : )

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