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18-06 Inboard Tank Rib Nutplates

Attaching Nutplates. Unusual for this tank marathon … a simple little job!

I had made sure Proseal was not impinging on Nutplates locations … I did this by molding the sealant with a finger when not fully set, ie still malleable but not sticky!!

As per my normal workflow for Nutplates, I aligned them prior to riveting by nipping up with a screw. This ensures a good position and also checks the threads. Boelube on the thread makes the screw easy to turn … a subsequent screw with no Boelube reverts to being tight, in case you’re wondering!

All easily accessible with a squeezer.

The only awkward rivet was the one adjacent to the vent tube … in the picture it’s the one where the cleco is fitted. I used the thin-nosed yoke for this rivet. The manual quite rightly suggests you do the Nutplates prior to the vent tube union, which would allow full access. But I’d fitted the unions prior to installing the ribs for ease of masking etc.

IMG 0693

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